Spring, Easter and New Beginnings

Spring, Easter and new Beginnings

Spring, a time of birth and new beginnings. As the earth warms up with the spring sun the rains fall and the trees blossom, we can reflect on our own cycles and seasons, our rebirths we all have seasons in our lives, we all have our winter summer autumn and spring, a time when we are full of energy a time when we hibernate, a time of harvest and rebirth. Sounds like a song… Now these personal seasons don’t always fall in line with the earths seasons. Some people tend to go into hibernation in the summer and other in the spring and have all their personal power in the winter. Even so we tend to look at the spring time as a time to start anew. Easter a holiday of rebirth, for Christians a celebration of new life and the promise of eternal life, in the earth religions, Ostera which is known as the Wiccan Easter is also a time of new life, and is celebrated in much the same way as the Christian religion or vice versa.

My main objective here is to remind you that we all have rebirth and new beginnings in all aspects of our lives. Nothing is ever the end all. We can always make a new start a new idea a new way of doing things. I love spring and Easter because it reminds me of hope, love and the promise of new life. I also love the chocolate!!! And the jelly beans!!

Take this time of the year to find your gratitude and appreciation of life, of new life, new beginnings and the growth you have experienced over the past year. May you feel the love in your life the energy of divine and the joy of possibilities.

Peace and Light,

Rev. Ann M. Shacar

Business and Life Coaching